Magrat Garlickbrauten

Magrat, formerly the apothecary of the former village of Ubersgratten in Reikland. Now making her way in the world with a strange assortment of fellows similarly avoiding unemployment.


STR 2, Tough 4, Agility 3, INT 5, Will 3, Fel 2. Human Reikland Apothecary.
Trained: Discipline, First Aid, Intuition, Nature Lore, Observation.
Specialisations: Combat (medic), ID Plant
Advanced Skills: Intuition (Session 2)
Actions: Dodge, Trivial Knowledge, Splints & Bandages, Assess the Situation.
Talents: Apothecary, I Seem to Recall, I’ve Seen Worse, Quick Wits

Wound threshold 13, Maximum Fortune 3/session.
Dagger and Sling.


S1: Magrat was the primary healer and apothecary of the village of Ubersgratten, until the terrible afternoon when she returned from gathering healing herbs and mushrooms in the forest to find everyone else slaughtered, the walls and streets sprayed liberally with the blood of everyone she knew. The bodies were rent and beyond her capacity to bury before dark. She quickly gathered her personal belongings, the tools of her trade, and as much food as she could carry and got out of the area before any Beastmen or other horrors might return to their kill. The food lasted until she reached the capital city of Ubersreik, where she obtained employment that entails far more than the advertisement led her to expect…

S2: Into the woods and out of the woods and not quite home before the beastmen attack. One of them had a rotting eye, another a swirly eye that seemed so very important while its gaze was locked with her own. The help is very slow indeed upon our arrival (chronic poor sleep? how often are these night raids happening?), and Herr Verne Hendricks complains a lot along the journey.

S3: Meet Lord A, a bold and forthright heart with a booming voice and remarkably hearty manner. Shoddily kept grounds, orchard, shrine. Drugged venison by pooch test, and only one of us wanted the goose. Group’s findings are likely best understood in list form:

Not-tired staff: The surly head butler Gregor Pierson who spies out windows, Chef Carla Wagener who gets tetchy about her herb usage and drugged venison, the odd smelling Dr. Sieger (the cure takes time?) and his blind human nurse with the wooden axe pendant (“fellow dwarf”?). Librarian Otto (chimera book and banned books that he hides away).
Wounded/disarmed staff (loyal to lord/not local): The (pious, if he made the shrine) raving dwarven smith “The eye sees all” whose warhammer may be the shiny one placed in the patinaed brass dwarf-built Sigmar shrine. Herr Hendrik’s suppurating weapon hand that the doc is treating. The Von Bruner Coachman Hans Kurtz with his missing blunderbus and wounded knee (or is that the 2 outsider coachmen?).
Strange herbs in the garden: taalsroot (ease plague sx), fextoral (helps clotting), gortsiet (for soporific Schlaff potion)
Odd ends to pursue after dinner: the missing portrait area in the sitting room, local gardener Bentold Granaff who works with the Dr., Captain Blucher and his overtaxed 12 guards, get our healer to evaluate the clinic’s contents and patients. And did prior lord Andreas “just disappeared one night” or “lost during a hunting party” stories. The odd rug in library and the floor beneath also might be worth more investigation.

Fine work for a single afternoon, really. Magrat looked at Herr Hendrick’s hand and informed him of our suspicions, leaving it to him to manage Lord A.

Magrat Garlickbrauten

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