Skagi Foulhook

Skagi is a gnarled, wrinkled specimen of a dwarf, a study in both the sturdiness and the questionably casual hygenie of the species.

Strength 3
Toughness 5
Agility 4
Intelligence 3
Willpower 2
Fellowship 2
Skills Trained
Resilience (To) x
Stealth (Ag) x
Folklore (Int) x
Observation (Int) x
Animal Handling (Fel) x

Reputation – Shady
Focus – Clever


Attack – Backstab
Support – Devious Manoeuvre
Support – Find Weakness

Special Abilities

Small but vicious dog

  • Obedience 6
  • 2 tricks

Durable, comfortable clothes
Cloth rucksack
56 silver coins
Hand weapon (“Rat-skinner,” a two-foot long hooked and serrated dagger)

Experience and Advancements

Experience Earned: 2
Advancements: 2
Ratcatcher career advances

  • Skill training: Observation
  • Action: Backstab

Skagi was a dwarf with few opportunities – hewn from the lower classes, without education, wealth, or training in a profession. As a result, he is an oddsman who handles various unsavory jobs, and earns most of his limited income through the thoroughly disagreeable work of rat-catching. Due to his lower-class origins, Skagi wears ragged garb that is often soiled, and has a rather casual attitude about the performance of questionable tasks. He also hurries to earn even meager coin at any opportunity.

Skagi’s nom du guerre of Foulhook comes from his tendency to carry a “rat-skinner,” a two-foot long curved knife with a serrated back edge and a slight sharpened cleft just above the hilt. Although he claims that his “rat-skinner” is the perfect tool for his job, it is not exactly a ubiquitous item among the members of his career, which indicates that it is more likely an artifice of his demented mind.

One career-ubiquitous possession that Skagi does boast, though, is a small but vicious dog, which he alternatively refers to as “ankle-biter,” “nipper,” “Rance,” and “dumb dog.” (The question of whether the dog is actually the smarter of the pair remains unsettled.)

Skagi is very tough, as befits a dwarf, and particularly disease-resistant, given that he has likely suffered through and survived every pox, pestilence, pustule, and plague carried by rat-kind. He also has a reputation as being a bit shady and rather eager to do nearly anything to earn a coin, though on the odd evening he will loudly pronounce his patriotism and (badly) sing songs to the glory of the Empire and Kharak Azgaraz. He is also known to engage in the occasional bit of low cunning, which comes as a surprise to those who would consider him an uneducated man of neither enterprise nor ambition. (The uneducated part is correct.)

Skagi Foulhook

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