Chaos Rising

Nachexen 18, 2522, Grunewald Lodge, Dinner

Where the adventurers discover a painting made with pigments of Chaos.


As the evening meal is readied the adventurers scurry about the lodge in last-minute investigations. They meet the gardener who cultivated the gortsiete herb used in the sluggishness-inducing schlaf, the guardsmen keeping watch for the beastmen in the nearby forest, and the large and intimidating kennel-master.

Events come to a head when some members of the party notice a covered painting in the sitting room next to the dining hall that was not there before. Upon closer inspection they discover a disturbing painting of an eye staring back at them that seems to ripple as they look upon it. Figus Von Zippo calls this out as a Chaos artifact, which galvanizes the party to action!

As the lodge is called to dinner, Kafka seizes the painting, covers it, and attempts to flee the house, followed by Figus! The rest of the household is called to pursue the apparent theft of the painting. Kafka and Figus flee to the manor courtyard, in hot pursuit by the guard captain. Kafka exposes the covered painting, causing the party and some (but not all) of the household staff to flinch before its terrible gaze.

Kafka and Figus use the confusion this causes to flee to the outer courtyard and towards the shrine of Sigmar. They are intercepted by the guard tower soldiers responding to the cries of theft from the guard captain. One looses a crossbow bolt at Kafka, injuring the dwarf badly.

However, Kafka and Figus make it to the shrine, where Kafka attempts to smash the painting over the shrine – but to no avail! Despite the force of the attack and shattered frame, the leathery canvas remained intact. Dropping it to the ground, Figus calls upon his Aqshy-fuelled powers to incinterate the blasphemous painting in magical flames. But as the smoke cleared, they discovered to their horror the painting was still intact!

Then an animalistic growl broke out from the surrounding forest – the beastmen had come to attack the lodge once again! As the guards and household members closed on the party with the painting and accusations flew regarding Chaos magic and cults, what can the adventurers do to stay the wrath of the guard and prove their suspicions true to the Lord of Grunewald Lodge?


Arkayne Arkayne

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