Chaos Rising

Nachexen 18, 2522, Grunewald Lodge

Wherein the adventurers investigate strange happenings at Grunewald Lodge.

Whf07 rickard

Having arrived more-or-less intact at Grunewald Lodge, the party is greeted by the noble Lord Aschaffenberg. A bear of a man with a booming voice, Aschaffenberg instructs the newly arrived to take his belongings to his private chambers. In confidence, Lord Aschaffenberg speaks about his suspicions of his staff, and asks the party to investigate the rest of the day and report their findings back to him after dinner that night.

The party spends the rest of the day exploring the manor and grounds of Grunewald Lodge and speaking to its inhabitants. Many of the staff were injured in a recent beastmen attack, while some were found to be suffering from a strange lethargy, possibly caused by ingestion of an opiate called schlaf. Strange notes and odd behaviors make the party come to the conclusion that certain members of the staff are drugging and disarming the rest for some unknown purpose.

Warning Herr Hendrick and Lord Aschaffenberg of a potentional food drugging, the party awaits the evening meal and the potential outcome…


Arkayne Arkayne

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