Chaos Rising

Nachexen 17, 2522, Ubersreik

Wherein the adventurers are offered employment in service of Lord Aschaffenberg.

The first day of spring dawned upon the town of Ubersreik. As the townspeople emerged from their homes and moved about their business in the cool morning air, an unlikely group of adventurers found themselves in need of work.

Jobs had been scarce lately. The winter had been harsh and commerce was slow, so few people were willing to hire extra labor. The posting from Herr Hendrick was unexpected, but welcome at this juncture.

The Red Moon Inn soon filled with the motley party of advenurers, all inquiring after Herr Hendrick in their own way. When at last introductions were made, he revealed the intentions of his master, Lord Aschaffenberg of Grunewald Lodge.

It seemed that Lord Aschaffenberg was newly arrived at the lodge and found that a number of his servants were uncharacteristically uncooperative for their station. He feared they were fomenting some manner of rebellion against him, and asked his manservant, Herr Hendrick, to find outside help in dealing with this manner (that, and possibly deal with beastmen attacking from the nearby forest.)

As eclectic a bunch as they were, the adventurers seemed willing to fulfill this role, acting covertly as laborers to root out the source of the problem. Agreements were made, money exchanged hands, and they found themselves on a coach heading north to Grunewald Lodge.


Arkayne Arkayne

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